Seeds of Future

What This Is All About

The Fattoria Tregole wine estate is located in Tuscany, in the middle of the marvelous hills of Castellina in Chianti. An enchanting place where Edith, native of Alto Adige and Tuscan by adoption, manages the bed & breakfast activity, hosting tourists from all over the world. The farm is surrounded by 30 Hectares of fields, 6 of which are filled with vineyards of both Chianti Classico “Gallo Nero” and IGT, managed by Edith’s daughter Sophie.

Sophie is a young Imprenditrice Agricola Professionale (IAP), namely a Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur with expertise in the wine sector, who decided to embark in an adventure to modernize the family farm and give opportunities to those who have passion and ideas.

This is why she decided to open the doors of her estate to a worthwhile business idea which will capitalize on her unused fields, on the still quiescent potentiality of the restaurant and on all the other opportunities that the company is capable of giving.

The only requirement is to suggest (compelling) ideas; whether they are related to agricultural business or something radically different. What is that makes this initiative so innovative? The fact that, with this project, Sophie wants to give an opportunity to fulfill the dreams of whoever wishes to live the agriculture, wine and nature.

Who Is Sophie?

My name is Sophie and yes, I am that Sophie you have read about a few lines above. I am going to introduce myself in a few words and maybe I will convince you to help me with this project.

I was born and raised on the hills of Chianti, to be more precise in Tregole, a bunch of houses surrounded by woods and vineyards close to Castellina in Chianti. Fattoria di Tregole is not only my home, but also my bed & breakfast and the winery of my family where I have learnt the pleasure of hosting people and the importance of raw materials.

I became a sommelier when I was twenty years old, I have studied Winery Management in Florence and then I left to go far away from home and proved myself learning the ropes of the job and searching for something authentic. Something worth it. You know, the earth is round and finally all these roads brought me back here from where I started, to my first love: the earth and wine.

So, conscious of my knowhow and dreams, I decided to keep learning from the earth how to grow beautiful and tasty products. Here in my Tregole.

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Your Mission

Sophie’s project aims at finding innovative business ideas to exploit as best as possible the resources provided by her farm. Sophie makes her Tregole available to the best ideas so that they can become true. You might be the one who make them true!

To join this project, you shall propose an agricultural (or not) business idea that allows us to use in an efficient and innovative way the resources of the farm.

To do so, you will have to use the Business Model Canvas tool. Together with the model, you will have to attach a brief motivation video where you shall only talk about the reasons which lead you to take part to the project, without explaining your business idea.

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    Motivation Video
    of the candidate must be between 1 and 3 minutes long;
    • it can also be in English or in other languages but in these cases it will be necessary to include subtitles;
    • it shall not deal in any ways with either the idea suggested by the candidate or the details expressed in the Business Model Canvas.
  2. Business Model Canvas fully filled out.

It is allowed to support your own proposal with any kind of document (video clips, images, photographs, animations, static and dynamic graphics, music, sound effects, voice-overs, fonts and brands).











Ground Specification

The Farm land extends to 30.29 Hectares (ha), divided in the following way:

Chianti Classico

  • Grape Variety: San Giovese for Chianti Classico “Gallo Nero”.


  • Grape Variety: Merlot and Cabernet


  • Certified Organic Farming Fields


  • 15 ha of local wood
  • 7 ha of non-local pinewood